Professional Summary

Mike Banks

Professional Summary – Skill & Experiences

25 years of technical and management experience which has developed into a leadership capacity, with a vision for success and goal oriented.  In the leadership position, I have taken a holistic view into meeting goals and objectives.  Key areas of discipline include creating statements of work, project management (planning, execution, closeout), recruiting, hiring, training, and evaluating employees/contractors.  A proven track record of overseeing large projects, taken through the development of detailed project trackers and well-defined metrics ensures projects stay on-target.

My approach is to apply critical thinking, and when possible, includes the perspective of others when problem solving.  I emphasize being transparent and provide clear-regular communication which is key attribute to achieve a common goal.

As a recently certified as a Scrum master, I apply a process to break down large bodies of work, making it manageable and achievable.  This industry standard process was a major paradigm shift for me when approaching large projects, that is applicable almost anywhere.

I create value by applying organizational focus, clear direction, and align the skilled resources to the task at hand – ensuring success.

In closing, I have a vision for success, always interested in growth and development, goal oriented, and looking for that next management opportunity based in New England.